Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy

The following key investment philosophies enable the Perennial Value to deliver excellence in funds management.

Investors' interests first

Perennial Value shares equity ownership with key investment professionals who work within the business. We believe that this ownership structure cultivates an environment where the interests of investors and investment professionals are clearly aligned.

Independent research

The cornerstone of the investment process of each of Perennial' Value is proprietary, in-house research.  We conduct independent first-hand research on all securities before their inclusion in our investment portfolios.

Active investment management

We believe that investment markets are not fully efficient, causing asset prices to deviate from 'fair value'. Through careful research of investment fundamentals and the application of a disciplined investment process, market inefficiencies can be identified and exploited by experienced investment professionals applying an active investment approach.

Long-term investing

All of our portfolios are positioned for long-term investment performance outcomes. Our objective is to add value over the medium to long term, relative to a recognised market benchmark, in a risk efficient manner. Many of our capabilities have a proven and consistent long-term track record, with good results relative to our peers.