Company overview

Perennial is an Australian owned and operated business, with investment professionals located in Sydney and Melbourne. For investors in Australia and New Zealand, we offer a suite of over 15 trust products as well as discrete portfolios across all of the boutiques.

Perennial's business model has been designed to create and foster a specialist investment management culture that allows our investment professionals to focus on investing, while being able to leverage the support infrastructure of the larger organisation and highly experienced team of non-investment professionals. We believe this environment is attractive to our investment professionals as it provides:

  • Independence
  • Stability
  • Incentives
  • Clarity/Focus
  • Equity ownership in their own business.

Our key investment professionals have the opportunity to own equity in their respective businesses and are therefore single minded in ensuring delivery of performance ahead of benchmark. At the heart of Perennial's equity ownership structure is the philosophy of aligning the interests of our investment professionals with those of our clients. We believe that our unique business model allows us to deliver excellence in funds management.