Our Boutiques

Perennial's suite of investment management boutiques, are led and staffed by high calibre investment professionals, with considerable expertise across funds management, research and a broad range of disciplines.

Our boutique heads and investment strategist, each have more than 20 years investment industry experience and are well placed to deliver investment excellence for our clients.

Perennial's boutiques, individually and collectively, are committed to continually refining and developing investment solutions that meet and anticipate the needs of a broad range of clients including institutional investors, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, multi-manager platforms, family offices and retail investors.



"Our pragmatic value style in buying good businesses which are cheap often leads us to invest in very unloved stocks. This contrarian approach requires courage in your convictions and a rigorous research effort in terms of running the numbers and frequent site visits and management contact. This discipline in not running with the pack has been key to Perennial Value's outperformance."

John Murray, Managing Director of Perennial Value




"As a growth investor, our investment process allows us to take a holistic view of markets and trends in determining the long term growth prospects and opportunities of the companies and sectors we ultimately invest in."

Lee Mickelburough, Head of Perennial Growth




"We take a strategic approach, believing the best decisions are made through the careful assessment of economic and market fundamentals over the medium to long term. Conviction and patience are very important elements of Perennial Fixed Interest's investment style."

Glenn Feben, Head of Perennial Fixed Interest