Perennial Perspective

March 2017

It was a welcome turnaround at lunchtime last Wednesday tuning in to see Trump doing the speaking with the market doing the tweeting for a change. So what was revealed? In all honesty not much that was new at all – lots of ”political” statements (similar to many new President’s initial Congress addresses) with still little in the way of detail.

Professional’s Pick – EML Payments

March 2017

EML Payments Limited (EML:ASX) operates the technology behind prepaid gift and corporate cards. The company began in the retail sector before expanding into other verticals – the most successful being the winnings card for online bookmakers. More recently EML has successfully expanded into the UK, European and North American markets.

John Murray: stick with the stock-pickers

March 2017

Funds management industry stalwart John Murray says more active managers will outperform indexes and passive funds in the periods ahead, arguing that global central bank stimulus has distorted performances in the past five years.

Profits jump 123pc on rising commodity prices, housing boom

March 2017

With reporting season over for another six months, analysis by firm CommSec has found 94 per cent of companies on the ASX 200 that reported made money, which means all but eight of the 142 companies produced a profit for the six months to December.

Age of active investing on the horizon

March 2017

A demystification of the debate surrounding active and passive funds management was necessary, particularly as active fund managers needed to be trusted in a riskier and more volatile economic environment, according to value investor Perennial Value Management.

Trump, Brexit and super changes in the mix for 2017

January 2017

What a year 2016 was. Britons voted to leave the European Union, Donald Trump won the US presidential election.

Both events caught just about everyone by surprise. But the biggest surprise of all, says Craig James, chief economist at CommSec, was how well financial markets reacted to these events. "Unambiguously positive", he says.

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