Perennial Value

Perennial Value is a specialist active, value-style Australian equities manager, with a process based on a 'value' investment philosophy. We hold a belief that markets are not fully efficient, as asset prices are sometimes driven by irrational influences. As a value investor, we aim to buy 'good businesses that are undervalued' with an underlying belief that good businesses are always eventually recognised by markets and re-rated to overall market multiples.

We offer institutional and retail clients a range of large and small cap Australian equity strategies, including the following. For more information, please click on the name or the portfolio essentials video or the investor link below.

Value Shares

Our actively managed portfolio of Australian shares, employs a value style investment process, to invest in Australian listed companies that are well managed and whose share price offers good value.

Advisers and retail investors, please click her

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Value Shares for Income

By investing in financially sound, large cap companies with growing and sustainable profits, this portfolio aims to provide an attractive level of tax effective income paid via quarterly distributions and capital growth. 

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Value Smaller Companies

The smaller companies portfolio provides an actively managed exposure to Australian smaller companies shares and can be used to complement an allocation to Australian large caps shares.

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Value Wealth Defender

A diversified portfolio of Australian shares combined with dynamic protection strategies that aim to protect the portfolio through market cycles, by reducing the magnitude of significant negative returns in falling equity markets.

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