Dan Bosscher

Dan Bosscher
Portfolio Manager

B. Com, LLB (Hons)

Dan is a Portfolio Manager. He joined Perennial Value in August 2012 after 15 years at UBS Investment Bank where he held the position of Managing Director - Head UBS Fundamental Investment Group. In this role, Dan managed a seven person team investing as a multi-strategy hedge fund in the Australian market. His responsibilities included the overall risk management of the portfolio using various derivative structures and strategies including long/short, risk arbitrage, quantitative, convertible bond arbitrage and derivative overlay.

Prior to joining Perennial Value, Dan held a number of roles with UBS including Co-Head Equity Trading and Derivatives. Prior to this management role, Dan was a registered derivative market maker on both the ASX equity option and SFE futures floors. Dan is the dedicated Portfolio Manager responsible for the Wealth Defender portfolio’s, including their dynamic protection strategies and his investment management responsibilities for a portfolio of stocks within the funds. Dan is expected to spend 80% to 100% of his time on investments that form part of the Trust. He has more than 18 years buy and sell side experience managing Australian equity portfolios as well as hedge fund and derivative strategies for investment banks and asset managers. He is a member of the ASX Clear Risk Committee.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from Bond University.